Sunday, January 17, 2010

Business Local Support Don't We

“Business Local Support Don’t We”

I was five years old at the time I remember nearly burning down my favorite pizza joint. Armed with curiosity, a straw wrapper, and a romantic dinner candle, I attempted to see how close I could get the wrapper to the flame. I achieved my goal extremely well. The heat ran quickly up the paper reaching my fingers in seconds flat. Reaction is the harsh truth in a situation like that. I dropped the flame onto (what I now know) was a flammable table cloth. You know, the red and white checkered kind. My grandmother and sister surprisingly moved with swift command. Both, throwing the water from there freshly filled glasses and hoping that the entire moment would be extinguished. Luckily, they too achieved their goal!

Davenport’s Pizza is a local restaurant I have loved and supported since the conception of my memory. Even after moving to Atlanta, I would return regularly for a large Davenports Pizza. Check out the shirt I'm wearing in the photo beside the story (It's a Davenport's Pizza t-shirt). The previous owners were like family to me. I thought the old man was the coolest cat in town. Major League scout and a world war vet, he moved with ease. His wife, who dabbled in just about everything, once gifted me with one of the best home cooked meals I have ever had. That being said, please understand how it pains me to feel the need to write this....

A few years ago the ownership changed hands. This information is extremely important to understand. The ownership changed. The mood of the entire establishment seemed to bend a little. Sitting through horrible service and rude management, I would still return for my weekly fix. Their pizza remains to be (in my humble opinion) the best pizza I have ever sunk my teeth into... Man, it’s good!

Last week, I stopped in to drop off a handbill for my next show at the Bottletree (local business) on January 22nd with Electroliner and El Cantador. The doors I believe open at 7pm. The man who inquired about the purpose of my presence shall remain nameless. Partly because I didn’t catch his name. I asked if he minded that I leave a handbill or small stack by the cash register. For those who don’t know, a handbill is a 4x6 inch card. One for the bulletin board, or even one back in the kitchen would have been fine.

“NO! Well, you can leave one or even some but once the owner gets in, she’s just going to throw them away... we don’t support local business.”

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! “WE DON’T SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS”... did he just say that?!?!?!?! I replied with emotion and little thought. “Oh, well you are a local business? How can you ask for support if you don’t support other local businesses? His response was, “Well, she doesn’t like to.” OK... she doesn’t like to. Well, my support for Davenport’s has now expired as well.... peace.

I realize the weight of words can be a burden. Saying good-bye to memories isn’t easy either. Yet, through life, things change. I will change with it. A wise man once said, “You gotta roll with the punches, kid.” So, I will roll with the punches... but not until I throw one of my own! I know how great their pizza is, I know how many of us sit through bad service just to get a taste. I know you are out there! I hereby state, that for the time being, I am placing a ban on Davenport’s Pizza.

Local businesses I support include The BottleTree, Workplay, Rojo, Lucy’s, Alfredo’s, Java and Jams, Cool Beans, Homewood Music, Highland Music, Charlemagne Records, Renaissance Records, Hunter’s Cleaners... and many, many more ( I realize I left out a tremendous amount of local businesses, but I support you as well). These guys are the heart of this city.

“Davenports... goodbye my friend... for now.”

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”

--Carl Jung